Accommodation in Poland

Poland is already a country of the European Union and for this reason is becoming more and more attractive for Europeans. Not only tourists but also businessmen, investors or participants of cultural parties, the fair, political and sports events are arriving to our country. In 2010 12.5 millions of tourists visited the country. Such a crowd of guests must after all somewhere stay overnight.

Versatile tourist accommodation

Hotel Bristol

Hotel Bristol - one of the most expensive hotel in warsaw

Poland is prepared for the arrival of foreign guests. In the last years also a standard of offered hotel services is growing. More and more modern objects of known hotel networks are coming into existence, appearing also five-star objects. In the lower price category and for the ones which value the intimacy and the privacy more than luxury cosy boarding houses are accessible, and in attractive tourists areas also many private rooms. Since the certain time are being elaborated actively the farm tourism base i.e. households for liking to rest in the bosom of nature. In July 2010 were registered 7206 objects of the group accommodation which it made up of 3223 hotel objects and 3983 remaining objects.


The hotel base in Poland is being judged differently. In cities objects is quite a lot of but they are in the majority hotels of the mid-range. At present many objects of such networks are coming into existence, like the Ibis, Campanile or the Ambassador representing the average standard, two-star. In such hotels it is possible to book rooms in the price between 150 and 300 zlotys depending on the standard. Little however is of luxury hotels. The most well-known network is Sofite, Sheraton and Mariott. Two of them have objects in Warsaw but also a few units in different cities of Poland. Also Poznan, Cracow, Sopot and Wroclaw deserved to the five-star hotel.

Hostels and pensions

Both of them belong to private objects, with the fact that a large number of rooms is making them different from traditional lodgings. Hostels are presenting rather a lower standard and they are allocated for passing tourist or students. In the hostel it is possible to rent a room for several dozen zlotys, and in group room get cheaper. In the last years objects of this type were determined as objects of rest Saturday-Sunday. And pensions are more luxury, luxurious houses with few rooms which from the assumption a family atmosphere is ruling in often also a house cooker and additional services, in the form of the access to the kitchen, the garden, the grill or the square entertain.

Different objects


In Poland there are many pensions

Outside exchanged typical objects providing services about hotel character to stay overnight it is possible in many different places. These are holiday houses of different type, hostels for adults and youth, houses of the tourist, camping sites and complexes of holiday chalets, training-holiday centres, holiday and summer camp and different not-classified objects. Many of them outside organized rest also enables renting a room for the definite time for visitors.

Private rooms

Lodgings are this kind of accommodation places, as for which it is never possible to be sure about the standard. Of course everyone consisted in tourist offices, registered as craftsmen providing lodging services for tourists must fulfill determined conditions which the appropriate commission is approving. In practice however the bathroom can be, but dirty and without warm water, and meals have a lot to the wish. They admittedly are fighting over residents in times of the high competition guaranteeing additional attractions, but in the season where surrounding is considerable, in known tourist towns owners are dictating both conditions and prices. Private rooms are most popular in the mountains and on Masuria. On remaining still facing numerous tent and camping opportunities which it is possible to find in every region of the country.

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