Bison Brand Vodka


Bison Grass

Vodka is coming into existence on Bialystok areas for centuries. For its beginnings are dating back to the XIV century when through areas ran important commercial trails from the east to west. Travelling that way merchants tasted the local alcoholic beverage and they spread it in entire Europe. Above all a Lvov distiller J. A. Baczewski propagated it.

Forging Bison Brand Vodka wasn’t possible because of it that it was arising on the basis of exceptional, very aromatic grass growing on the area of the Bialowieza Forest. Grass is calling Hierochloe odorata and is a favourite delicacy of European bison. For it the interesting aroma and the taste caused that our ancestors had often called it the vanilla or religious grass.

Bison Grass Vodka with apple juice


Bison Brand Vodka is coming into existence as a result of the clean distillation, beige of no chemical additions. The colour of vodka is yellow but it results from no dyes, and is an effect of soaking in alcohol recalled grass. Is being collected for years at preserving closely determined principles: with early summer, because then is most aromatic, stalks must be of the equal length, the appropriate age and the colour. Chosen copies are dried in the sun, next they are being combined into beams and sends to the distillery. There repeatedly a good quality is being filtered through grass spirit which is gaining the characteristic colour and the pleasant, refreshing smell. Bison Brand Vodka is characterized lightly by a sweet taste and a fantastic aroma which is already hitting after opening the bottle. Not only a note of grass but also thyme and lavender are beating in it.


Bison Brand Vodka is rarely drunk in the pure figure. Far a little more often clubs together for drinks of different kind, but an addition of apple juice and ice is a special juxtaposition which very well is being composed with taste and an aroma of vodka. Peculiarly is appreciated as the element of alcoholic cocktails in London, Tokyo and Paris. A lot of from so-called long drinks is created on the basis of this aromatic alcohol. Slices of the green cucumber are being added to the sour cherry, or limonka and obligatorily ice. Also very bottle is meriting attention with vodka. Similarly to the tequila is known from the worm swimming at the bottom, this way blades of grass are plunged in Bison Brand Vodka. It is this way characteristic addition, and to it so decorative that the product is staying remembered forever.

Bison Grass Vodka

 Strength of vodka – strength of the aurochs

With drinking Bison Brand Vodka a legend is connected which is saying that while drinking it the man is gaining the strength of the aurochs. It isn’t groundless view. In fact grass sweetgrass, or differently the sweet grass contains theses substance kumaryna. Kumaryna is involved in chemical associations ring-shaped, and for her eating has stimulating and intensifying properties. Unfortunately in our part of the Bialowieza Forest he is starting sorting the grass, rally the production of vodka is in danger. They at the moment are experimenting with breeding of grass, however it is hard to state whether it will keep its properties supported artificially. Is also a new solution on the market White Sweetgrass subjected to the process of the six-times distillation and only in Poland of the platinum filtration which assures for vodka the perfect cleanness and the gentle taste.

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