Directions of holiday trips of Poles

Holidays are a reason  in order to relax after the year of the intensive work or the learning oneself, to visit familiar or a long time ago not-seed family, to see nooks of which everybody is dreaming for years or simply to lie on the beach and to idle the time away. Poles in this case aren’t running away from different nations choosing different options of port according to the taste.

Holidays are a reason in order to relax


For years of functioning in the socialist system the outstanding majority of the Polish society used holiday company centres, in which for little money it was possible to spend holidays with the family. Trendy were also travels with tents, or with a holiday caravan. Abroad it was necessary to meet quite a lot of formal conditions and to have means appropriate for it therefore the little per cent let itself to go to Bulgaria or ZSRR. Today it would be sufficient to get on into the car and after a dozen or so hours it is possible to lie on the Spanish or Croatian beach, to dive in the tropical sea and to consume exotic dishes. Obstacle there are only finances, because a holiday abroad doesn’t belong into cheapest.

Poles most often choose the north coast of Africa and Greece.

Poles more and more often choose a holiday abroad for two reasons. First there are more and more high prices of Polish lodgings, hotels and the organized holiday for them during when not always our requirements meet conditions. The other reason is enriching oneself of Polish society in conditions of the new economy. More interesting is the Polish zlotys which is leaning our ally for world crisis and is holding value, the thanks what foreign offers are more and more profitable. Making straight analysis it is possible to reach a conclusion that the holiday in Polish Sopot at all isn’t cheaper from Croatia. A different factor which choice of trips abroad is conditioning is weather. Unfortunately in Poland in the summer it is hard to see 30-degrees of heat but the July often chosen for holidays are being shown to us as rainy and cold. The South of Europe is a guarantee of the beautiful weather and exotic attractions.

Most often chosen countries

Statistical data from the last years is saying that Poles most often choose the north coast of Africa and Greece. In 2008 as far as 33.8% leaving chose Egypt. On the second place Turkey positioned itself with the result of the 13%, and then Greece and Tunisia. Most willingly of European countries we left to Italy, Spain and Bulgaria, however an interest in France and Croatia fell. Also exotic Canary Islands are having the great interest. More willingly are new places, turning up at the offer for thirst time therefore for example in concrete years Turkey is gaining popularity or even Tenerife.

Masuria is still appreciated by Poles


The last year and the last holiday season were put through an examination in the form of the probe. Statements of Poles explicitly show that Croatia became the number one spot on lists coming out with the number of the 12.81%. Poland is taking second place today. Holiday in our country as far as 10.34% of countrymen is choosing. Spain climbed to the third deposit with the number of the 9.85%, similarly to Egypt that achieving the same value. Next on the list are: Greece (9.36%), Turkey (7.39%), Bulgaria (6.90%) and the Canary Islands (5.42%). Hungary and France are taking next places. Definitely fell an interest in Tunisia to which only 1.97% of interested leaves. Poles are travelling more and more willingly and they aren’t afraid to allocate bigger financial means for this purpose. They are seeking luxury offers more and more and for choice of the place an offer of travel agencies is enjoying considerable influence.

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