Directions of the emigration of Poles

The emigration is a natural process which concerns every country irrespective of the system, the level of the education or the geographical, different location can be its causes, having begun from political, through cultural, and having finished on economical.

Many Poles working abroad

Poland in the socialism

For a lot of decades Poland stayed under the influence of the East and Poles shut in the area of socialist Europe didn’t have an opportunity to leave farther, than to democratic Germany. For the holiday southern areas of Europe have most been chosen but for the ones who had better financial situation and sought the exoticness, Turkey or distant regions remained the ZSRR. To the West left few, because such a travel required appropriate permissions and visas. Sometimes companies entered into a contract with foreign entrepreneurs enabling Poles in determined specialties overseas posting. More enterprising used on the occasion of the trip to the British in being job-hunting most often on positions no required of classification, for the lowest salary.

United Kingdom is the most frequently chosen as a place of gainful employment

The entry of Poland to the EU opened through for Poles borders but it caused mass trips, mainly in quest the work and the chance of the better life. These departures from one side are a result of the need, on the other it is response to coming into existence in the whole of such a possibility. Since that is allowed and there are in addition no limitations, everyone who can, no matter whether a necessity exists is leaving. The emigration of Poles achieved the highest amount in 2007. Then 2 million and 270 thousands Poles left the country. In next years a slow fall caused by the European economic crisis and the drop-off of the well paid possibility of taking followed of overseas posting. Just the opposite Poles started returning to the country that is followed so-called re-emigration


Directions of the emigration of Poles and their number not entirely are get to know therefore it is necessary to come sceptically up to data transmitted by the GUS. The inaccuracy results for such reasons, as the free flow without the need to propose the stay, employing no legally and changing the country of the stay already outside borders. In many European countries licences for the stay are familiarizing the duty only above half a year of travelling the country on the area given with present regulations. However data is pointing, that in the last years such countries enjoyed the greatest popularity, as:

  • Great Britain, in which amount leaving annually exceeds 550 thousand with a downward trend. The highest number of emigrants from Poland is 690 thousand in 2007.
  • Germany which are accepting over 400 thousand emigrants from our country, also with a downward trend. A large number of emigrants, its 490 thousand in 2007.
  • Ireland is placed on the third place with the definitely lower number of visitors from Poland. In 2007 there about 200 thousands countrymen but two years later 140 thousands
  • Next places are filling the Netherlands with a downward trend and with the about 85 thousands at present, Italy with the similar number and a little bit more low France (47 thousands)
  • Spain, to which the emigration of Poles is growing, is a sensation as to the only European country.

Poles are beginning to leave again in search of work


The present situation in Poland isn’t good especially for young people. Deficiencies of the Polish educational system don’t allow for educating people being able to accommodate themselves to the modern economy. The situation admittedly is changing, new subjects, numerous trainings and the possibility of reskilling are arising, but taking average earnings into consideration in Poland and fact that in the country the Pole is earning 5 euro for the hour but in Germany minimum rate for the hour for the minder is 8.5 euro, the conclusion is simple. They are assessing, that in the most recent years to the west will leave 400 thousands young people, especially to Germany and Austria, all the more that to them a relationship changed behind the border and they aren’t already welcomed reluctantly.

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