Poland doesn’t belong to recognizable countries in world. We have of a lot of trivial successes which are forming a relationship with us in one thing, the concrete country or in one area of world, but we have such products which are able to work hard for us for the great six. Our gliders, designed and produced in Poland from beginnings of the 20th century are such products.

Polish glider Nimbus-3T


Akar was the first completely Polish glider which came into existence in 1922 by an amateur Adam Karpinski but the structural success was so big that the glider got the two top places in the gliding competition a year later. Before the war a PWS-101 came into existence, equally good. The war didn’t let for creating new plans therefore an Institute of the Gliding was next in Bielsko-Biala which worked from ending the war. The first Polish IS-1 Vulture was an effect of the production. A year later came into existence IS-1 Salamander which was the first glider produced on a large scale for training flights. Right away after the war also high-performance gliders came into existence: Wasps, Flies and Swallows which won a medal and beat records. The swallow got the as many as 17 world records.

The most well-known Polish gliders


Vulture – came into existence after the war and as the first Polish product let show Polish on the international arena. With one’s possibilities equalled foreign gliders. Was entered on professions competitions in Semadan in 1947. IS-4 Hawk – came into existence in 1948-49. He had the unusually high endurance and the unrestricted maximum speed. SZD-9 a Stork is the first two-seater glider, constructed and well versed in 1952. At first he was a competitive aeroplane. Later he was destined for training flights and in this role he stays to today. Next feat of Polish inventors, is two-seater school glider the Heron SZD-10 and SZD-12 Fly 100. Both came into existence a year later than the recalled Stork. Next changes were provoked by the Glider world championships, played in Leszno in 1958. Then Zephyr series came into existence, destined for competitive flights. 60s are SZD-24 Foresail which thanks to the aerodynamic correctness became the best glider of world. After them was already only better. Were coming into existence next gliders of the class Kobuz, Jantar, Cobra, Orion.


The present

Today’s Polish gliders belong to the first-class construction and a fact can attest to it that in the case of some models is exporting even a 90% of produced products. For example MDM-1 Fox, the two-man destined for acrobatic flights, presented for the first time on mastery in Netherlands glider are meriting attention. The aeroplane twice got the world championships and once time of Europe as well as once the vice-championship of world and two times of Europe. He achieved success almost every year. Units in Jezow produce a few types of gliders PW-5 Nipper and PW-6U.

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