Home-made delicacies

Something what constitutes regional or even a national delicacy will be found in our culture. Outside traditional dishes in which the Polish cuisine is abounding these small special knick-knacks existing which are distinguishing us from different and constitute the real national rarity which we can show off. It is here about home products in the Polish cuisine.

Polish sausage

Polish sausage and the ham

Ham with the bone and home-made sausage became the specific symbol of the Polish cuisine. This association remained from times when on our land the processing took place with family way, and the wealth of the game in our forests was so large that the game became the base foods. Of course cows, hens and sheep were being bred, but mainly for the milk or eggs, and they were feeding on quail, the venison, the game or the leporine meat. After the war, when processing in Poland than looked on average, and in shops liver sausages, black puddings were basic products and farmers alone to own needs bred brawns pigs and from time to time, mainly in the pre-Christmas period they were making slaughter, and the country specialist prepared sausages. Home products, at first pickled in brine, but then smoked in the home smoking chamber in the smoke of cherry wood became the climax of every wedding. Today they are trying to imitate those products creating different imitations “country” whether “from the barrel”, but in them this primitive taste and the aroma of the juniper are missing. Theses of the view of the coal stove and, very well fumigated, and large tethers hanging above it of sausages are missing few kilogram’s of hams with the bone, dried above the warm stove which then the master of the house cut with the large sharp knife into fat, juicy surrounded with layer of fat slices. Today it is possible to buy such a ham already but for the order and isn’t similar for the traditional country production.

Country lard

Polish ham

For the foreigner the view of the Pole eating bread spread thickly with the lard can be a little bit unappealing. Even in our culture and experience associating bread and the pork fat is connected with an exceptional poverty, times of the war when such products were luxury, especially for our eastern neighbours. In fact one of the most useless parts of the pork corpulence turned out to be the Polish delicacy which today is being served even on luxury banquettes on the so-called Polish table where not been missing of pickled cucumbers and fresh country bread. In Czech mountains behind the border with Poland it is possible to come across highland women who on makeshift stalls are selling farmhouse bread with the home-made lard and cucumbers from the stone pot. These delicacies are enjoying considerable popularity really. However the condition is so that the lard will be home-made. The real pork or lard cut into the fat bone, smelted on the fire with the addition of onion, the garlic, the apple or different additions according to the recognition and regional customs. Bread with the lard and crackling is tasting very well even with for richest.

Dark bread, lard, pickled cucumber - Polish delicacy

Cucumbers and the sauerkraut

Silages are a Slav delicacy and not only in Poland, but also at our eastern neighbours preserves of this type are being eaten, however in the West such dishes are being negated and about Polish silages are saying that we are eating it, what is spoiled. However nobody is checking what wealth of nutritients the pickled cabbage is and what transformation at first the worthless pickled cucumber is experiencing. The custom of pickling is coming in our country from old times and it is method of preserving the food. Appropriately prepared and kept silages can keep even a year waiting without the change of value. The sauerkraut in some regions is base of the most important dishes. She is well-known in the form of the Old Polish stewed dish made of sauerkraut and mushrooms and famous highland kwasnica, which foreign tourists are going down to. Next cucumbers are being eaten to bread, cold cooked meats as the taste addition, the starter, or is preparing around of them soup and salads. Pickled cucumbers are a base of many dishes giving them a lot of the expressive, slightly tart taste. Pickling best out in barrels, with the addition of the considerable amount of the salt and of appropriate spices. To cucumbers a dill and a horseradish are compulsory, they sometimes in older traditional regulations give the list theses oaken.

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