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Visiting virtually every country in the world, one may have chance to discover curiosities, legends or stories strongly related to it. They are all true to larger or lesser extent. And usually it is nice to listen to them. Poland has many interesting places worth visiting and a few legends that simply everyone should be familiar with.

Bartek Oak

Bartek Oak

If you haven’t had enough nature to admire, I suggest visiting one of the oldest nature monuments. You can find it next to the road between Zagnańsk and Samsonowo in Bartków district. The age of this old tree has been established with the recent dendrochronological researches to be about 660 years. This tree is of course the Bartek Oak.  In fact, the most glorious days of this tree are slowly fading away, since trunk decay makes it lean to the ground. According to the legend, John III Sobieski is believed to have hidden treasures in the hollow of the oak.

Lake Solina

Lake Solina

Personally I believe that one of the most interesting places in Poland is Lake Solina. This reservoir  is located in Podkarpackie province. A project to build a dam was devised before World War II but for obvious reasons the whole enterprise was carried out after the war. The establishment of this lake has totally change the area around. Approximately three thousands of inhabitants of the village, situated on the bottom of the reservoir, were resettled. And then the village was flooded. Reportedly, even today  when you take a closer look in the middle of the lake, you can see stumps of trees and the top of a former Greek Catholic church jutted out of the water. Whereas it is true that remains of the flooded graveyard still flow up to the surface.

Stone statue in Nowa Słupia

As regards another traditional stories, there is one yet to be mentioned. In Nowa Słupia in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains we can see a stone statue. The legend tells that it is a petrified knight who was deceived by his excessive pride. Little did he know a sense of moderation and modesty and for that he was punished. The monument is to be seen by the Royal Road leading to the Monastery of Saint Cross.


Biskupin skansen

I strongly recommend a trip in Biskupin near Gniezno. The remains of the oldest settlement, dated back to around 700 BC, where discovered in this region. The settlement has been reconstructed to its estimated original size and can be visited by tourists.

Malbork castle

Tourists who crave more historical facts and atmosphere, are invited to see the Teutonic Castle in Malbork. This largest Gothic stronghold in Europe was put on the World Heritage List.

Dragon’s den

If you are still not satisfied with experienced adventures so far, go and descent… underground to see the most famous Polish cave – the Dragon’s den. The legend tells it was dwelled by the mighty dragon. In 276 metre long underground tunnels visitors can take destined 81 metre long path. Unfortunately, the cave is open for visitors only during the Spring and Autumn period. Poland is particular in many respects. There are mountain ranges, sea and event desert – it lies on the borderland between Silesian Highland and Olkuska Highland.

Malbork castle

UEFA Euro 2012

One should bear in mind that UEFA European Championship will take place in our country in 2012.

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