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Katowice is a capital of the Silesian province, a main centre of the Upper Silesia Circle Industrial and tenth in terms of the population numbers in Poland (about 310 thousand inhabitants). Together with 13 cities on law of the district they are creating over two million centre of the population. Agglomeration of Katowice is situated on the Katowice upland, above Rawa, Klodnica and Mleczna, in the eastern part of the Upper Silesia. The land of the city is characterized by a land relief added variety, whereas differences in heights amount are about 100 metres.

Katowice, "Saucer" - The sports and concert hall

Science and culture

Katowice is a capital of the archdiocese and the Katowice metropolis of the Roman Catholic Church. Is one of the bigger centres of education in Poland where is about 20 colleges (among others the Technical University of Silesia, the Silesian University, the Music Academy, the Silesian Medical University, the Economic University, the higher Humanistic School). They constitute the main cultural centre on the area of the Upper Silesia where numerous museums have their seat, and also: cinemas, an art galleries, theatres and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Silesia. Katowice is a candidate for the title of European capital of the Culture in 2016.


Bishops Palace

Katowice developed on the area of the medieval agricultural village Bogucice, the first mention of this town turned up at notes of the priest Kazimierski about 1598. A town charter Katowice got in 1865, from that moment quickly growth of the city connected mainly with the exploitation of reserves of the hard bituminous coal took place (mills, mines of the hard bituminous coal, units of the mechanical engineering starting coming into existence) and with starting rail links with Wroclaw, Myslowice, Cracow and Warsaw. Till 1939 dynamically developing city, after the outburst of the II World War went the stagnation. After 1945 Katowice regained meaning, as the industrial and administrative centre. In this period also a rank of the city as the cultural-scientific centre grew up.

Katowice center


Today’s Katowice is an investment leader in the region and in the country, at present city is preparing for the program of the revitalization and the reconstruction the city centre. The economy of the city is based mainly on the service sector, 7 mines is active there, electrotechnical and food engineering industry is well-developed. Katowice constitutes one of the biggest hub of rail communication in Poland, through the city also a Road Route Middling – route.

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