Most well-known Polish celebrities

By definition celebrity is a person known publicly, mainly because of the profession carried out by oneself i.e. an acting, a light music, sport, the journalism or performing determined social functions, often shown in the media, giving persons of interviews, that is simply known and recognizable through the majority of citizens.

Szymon Majewski - polish showman

Celeebrities in Poland

The term “celebrity” turned up at our culture recently, at least already 40 or 50 years ago very well-known figures existed in our Polish reality. From the word of art it is possible successfully to list such stars, like Irena Santor, Jerzy Polomski, of actors up to the standards of Krystyna Janda, Tadeusz Lomnicki, Jan Nowicki or athletes, amongst which unisons footballers led: Deyna, Szarmach, Gadocha, Luban, jumper about the pole Kozakiewicz, the boxer Jerzy Kulej and many different. Today even if on account of the popularization of media, the universality of the Internet and the freedom of action amount of Polish celebrities grew disproportionately. One could here change many of actors of the young generation, so, as Zmijewski, Szyc, Adamczyk, Olszowka, Kumorek and many different, well-known for Polish TV series, but the ones which are deserving the special attention with scandalmongers or forms about the special service for our culture. These are representatives of celebrities in Poland:

Szymon Majewski – the Polish journalist, the showman, the radio and television presenter, the satirist and the actor. For years did he run the extremely known TV programme “Szymon Majewski Show”. Well-known for unconventional clothes, dressing ups and parody. He was affiliated with Polish bank acting in commercials, what television dissolved a contract with him because of that. At present regarded as most valuable celebrity in Poland.

Marek Kondrat – Polish actor with drama spices, repeatedly awarded. Today in the age of 61 has in their account 80 films, from which a lot was honoured at festivals. He is familiar to Poles above all from the gentle, elegant nonchalance, the peculiar manner, from one hand “on high level”, on the other with slight ease. The clear face worked both in thrillers and in comedies. For 12 years bound with the bank and thanks to that associated particularly by spectators.

 Jerzy Owsiak – from one hand television and radio journalist on the other the community worker with special passion. It will be sufficient to recall the Large Orchestra of the Festive Help or the Woodstock Stop. He is known by a famous password “róbta co chceta”, what is stirring up controversy a lot. Repeatedly awarded national orders for activity, in it with the Bachelor Cross and a Commander’s Cross of the Order of the Revival of Poland.

Robert Kubica – Polish racer, starting as a first Polish driver in history in races of the Formula One. He became famous in Poland thanks to successes getting the first prize in the Grand Prix of Canada. Temporarily withdrawn from races because of the serious accident on the track. He is convalescing and the return to races is being scheduled for the January of the New Year.

Kuba Wojewodzki - controversial journalist

 Kuba Wojewodzki – unusual, controversial journalist, known in Poland mainly from the peculiar, very critical attitude to everything and from the exceptional frankness. Wojewodzki “is saying what he thinks”, even, if in the process is offending. The figure of Kuba Wojewodzki became famous mainly thanks to the Polish edition of the Idol. At present he is keeping his own program which is pleased with a high prestige.

Kayah (Katarzyna Rooijens) – the singer, the author of texts as well as a very well-known television personality. She recorded among others with Goranem Bregovic. Till the now she sold over the million of plates. She is known also from the participation in committees of competitions from the kind of talent show.

Martyna Wojciechowska – the extremely nice, energetic and go-getting television presenter, the journalist, the traveller and the writer. For years she cooperated with TVN television making such programs among others, as Big Brother or the Mission Martyna. She was also active in programs about the motorization. At present known mainly from the new program: “Woman on the end of world”

 Adam Malysz – Polish ski jumper who this year finished one’s career. For years he achieved excellent results promoting our country in the international arena. He won four medals at the Olympics, six medals (including four of gold) on the world championships, four crystal balls in the Cup of World in the ski jumping and ten’s of different awards.

Adam Malysz - ski jumper

Doda (Dorota Rabczewska) – the Polish singer, the author of texts, the soloist of the Virgin band. He owes his fame not so much to singing as the controversial image she is creating on the stage, as well as in the life. Commentaries concern gaudy and tasteless dresses, controversial tattoos and the provocative behaviour. According to approximate data from 2008 value of her image was 87 630 248,91 zlotys.

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