Polish LOT as many as over 80 years exist and soon they will be celebrating the round century. As befits such a long period of functioning can boast about excellent history, the great organization and connections with many countries of world.


Coming into existence

Day of official establishing the today’s company named a Polish airline LOT is it 1 January 1929. It isn’t day of functioning of an airline in Poland generally speaking, because earlier they existed under different name and with different board of directors. LOT started writing his story with aeroplanes Junkers F 13 and Fokker, having 21 machines. In world then was a world organization consisting of international carriers named IATA which at present is consisting already 230 countries. The first flights took place to Bucharest and a few years later started flights to Helsinki, Beirut and the Athens. Still before the war LOT had been equipped with Polish aeroplanes PWS-24.

Boeing 737-400 in PL LOT

Post-war years

In post-war years like in the majority of fields of the Polish economy the same way here was noticeable cooperation with the ZSRR. An equipment of LOT into aeroplanes of the Soviet production was an example of this relation. Iliuszyn aeroplanes, Antonow and Tupolew were the machines of the haulier however which represented so high class of machines that LOT could start voyages for the ocean, to New York and Montreal. In 1989 for the first time in LOT a Boeing turned up with which the company is bound so far. 1992 was an important change in the structure of the company which was transformed into a joint-stock company. The last year of the 20th century were first Brazilian Embrasers, flying at present on the most important routes.


PLL LOT at present

Polish Airlines LOT it is today a joint-stock company with the seed capital amounting to about 448 million of zlotys. At present 55 machines belong to the company, and next 9 are at the stage of the purchase. At present the company is employing 3100 persons and he is operating on 92 routes from Poland. An Airport of Chopin in Warsaw on Okecie is a main and the most important. Apart from that LOT administers 5 different main airports: Krakow-Balice, Katowice-Pyrzowice, Poznan-Lawica, Gdansk-Rebiechowo and Wroclaw-Starachowice. As part of the company two lower organizational existed, being independent companies from one side, on the other remaining dependent from LOT. They are EuroLOT – still functioning, and Centralwings, closed down in 2009.

Connections and aeroplanes

LOT planes are flying today in different directions in world and essentially the company carried out about 100 permanent scheduled connections. The part from them was closed down, in the majority to countries of the Arabian Peninsula, and part of European flights. They are being planned connecting to the Beijing and Tokyo. Polish airlines have agreements with such hauliers (not counting an airline in as part of the alliance with Star Alliance) like among others Aeroflot, Belavia, Bulgaria Air, Tarom or Luxair. At present the PLL LOT fleet is using machines of the type Boeing 737 (models 300, 400, 500), Embraer E-170 and E-175. 23 November 2011 introduced the first aeroplane to LOT in the new painting, designed by Jacek Bonczka.

The Kabacki Forest - aeroplane crash place

Flying accidents

How in every case of the great and functioning for decades haulier this way and here it could not be without flying accidents. In history of LOT a few of them were, but for biggest and most tragic a disaster which happened is that in the Kabacki Forest on 9 of May of 1989. An Ił-62M aeroplane crashed “Tadeusz Kosciuszko” flying from New York to Warsaw. As a result of the failure of engines while coming in to land the aeroplane crashed causing the death of 172 passengers and 11 members of crew. Was also an accident of the aeroplane “Mikolaj Kopernik” in 1980, in which 77 persons and 10 members of crew died in Okecie.

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