Plum Vodka

The plum vodka is unusually characteristic alcohol which is being associated with Poland although actually more nationality can admit to it. She has character not that much Polish, as Slav, and is not as much as a kind of vodka as a distillation of plums. Apart from Poland Hungarians, Czechs, Croats and countries of ancient Yugoslavia and Turkey are still producing it. A plum vodka of Lacka comes from our country.


The plum vodka is the regional product

The process of the production of the plum vodka is unusually simple and it is possible to make it even with family way, and even though theoretically it is over-the-counter, authorities don’t make more attempts for fighting the practice. Every home “manufacturing company” it is a different kind of the final effect therefore the Polish plum vodka has a lot of varieties and hardly ever isn’t tasting the same. How the name is pointing the base of production are plums from species of the purple plum tree. As to the fermentation a sugar is essential, these fruits just provide with it the most. The classical plum vodka should not contain additives of different, sweeter fruits but the contemporary production is putting completely different requirements and adding mirabelle plums or the sugar is a standard.


Kinds of the plum vodka depend above all on it, to what extent mature and where plums were gathered. Is the taste a next determinant “aiding” with such additions, as the sugar. Plums can be creased to the fermentation with stones, and then the final product is gaining the characteristic aftertaste. Another factor making different these products, it is the alcoholic strength. Can be there from 60% up to the 80% what is very much with high contents, like to the bottled alcoholic beverage. Among others our Polish plum vodka of Lacka has such a power.

Plum vodka is made from very ripe plums

The plum vodka at all isn’t sweet as if an initial product pointed at it. Sugar contained in ripe plums is fermenting giving the high alcoholic strength. The taste is lightly fruit, but only as marking rather than the predominant feature. The addition of stones to the mash for connoisseurs will be perceptible as the faint smell of almonds. The alcoholic beverage has a lot of colours, having begun from quite white for amber, on the way with different shades of green.

Plum vodka in Poland

Unusual the titbit connected with this alcoholic beverage is fact that was recognized by a conservation officer for the incorporeal good of the Polish culture. It means that it is so inseparably tied around with our culture folk that should be legalized. Unfortunately still it is happening illegally. The production is also connected with the Nowy Sacz region and local villages. The production is usually secret of the family, and it is being passed on from the generation to the generation for over 300 years. Beyond this home-made, regional plum vodka Jewish Paschal plum vodka is also officially produced with the rich plum aroma, the bright-yellow colour and with the specific, characteristic of plum vodkas taste.

Plum Vodka of Lacka

Plum vodka of Lacka

This Polish kind is an only official Polish alcoholic beverage of plums although doesn’t have the tax stamp. Is produced in surroundings of Nowy Sacz by the company about similar name. The plum vodka of Lacka is regarded by some people as the best product in one’s class and receives world awards for the quality in the class of plum vodkas. The fact that can be produced, at least officially doesn’t have the permission owes to only his popularity in world. It is specific social agreement between the producer and authorities that is why we can be vaunt about such a product.

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