Poland VS economic crisis

World is struggling with a great economic crisis which probably began the massacre on the American market fixed properties. The one pulled banks applying the Liberal policy behind it, and farther already economic “illness” spread to entire world.

European market

Europe didn’t resist the crisis and today a fierce dispute about how to resolve a crisis and the great and clever are throwing tens of ideas for the rescue. Countries are divided, because one’s can managing somehow to relieve the crisis and to last in expectation of the better situation, different are losing the financial fluidity and require the help from the outside. It is peculiarly difficult situation for the ones, which already has become a member of a European Union and they are still accommodating themselves to current norms. The situation requires closing ranks and shared action what did so-called states commit themselves as “Great Seven”, that is seven richest countries of world. The euro zone deals with after one’s seeking solutions, so, as European Central Bank activation, improving the class managing to the disadvantage political, create “fiscal union”. Europe is revolting and is fighting and in this entire large crisis Poland is blooming.

The Polish zloty is based on economic crisis

Poland in the crisis

It is possible really to be surprised hearing that the great of Europe are in conflict with financial problems and our country isn’t losing but even rumours appeared about putting Poland in the role of lifebelt for Europe. Sentences are divided in this topic since great the Polish economists acquainted with the topic claim that now keeping the economy is most important for us in the relative position, rather than putting the proverbial finger between the door. The Polish market defended oneself for two reasons. Becoming immune to all crises and clever activity of Polish enterprises are first, which already taught with financial “gaps” protected themselves in the appropriate way. Also banks formed on Polish economic transformations are stable. The other reason of the stability of our market is the fluidity and the high absorbency, that’s why what won’t be sold for the export will be sold in the country. It results probably from the fact that Poles after years of the crisis and gaps still didn’t their fulfill themselves and they are buying. Apart from that the economic crisis in Poland is giving rise to fortunes. We already have a dozen or so of one’s billionaires and the companies with capital measured in hundreds of thousands, it is a next long list.

Future in predictions 

Polish companies have developed resistance to the crisis

The popular view is ruling that thanks to that, when Europe deals with the crisis, the Polish market will just take the most capital strengthening the zlotys in the process. European specialists claim that the Polish market is at present biggest similarly as well as a Polish fair is biggest in this area of Europe. So the crisis for us is not a drama with but chance of the future, omitting the fact, that as “European pillar” we will be noticed, appreciated and remembered as guards of the attention economic partner. December is the most important time both for us and for the entire euro zone because in this month the most important decisions are decided, for more further proceedings. Taking place specific “to be or not to be” of common European money. If the euro zone collapses, Poland also will pay for that.

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