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A stereotype is a strengthened belief which means generally feature attributed to something or somebody, recognized as the norm on the base of repeating it repeatedly. For example, if we are saying that Poles like to booze, is the fact that we just perceive ourselves. It can result from many different factors, so, as staying in a determined social group, the too uncritical faith in media, own experience. On this base also Poles in certain perceive the stereotyped way of oneself.

Changes in the time.

Curiosity is that the stereotype concerning the concrete phenomenon or a social group can change with age. In the case of our countrymen times in which we live influence it. The older generation has behind the period of sudden social and political transformations which imprinted the brand on their life or characters. Young people were born and they brought up in the new reality and one’s opinions are shaping on the basis of what they can see around at present. Too low experience isn’t giving them a point of reference for comparing today’s mentality of Poles with the one from earlier years.


Sociological examinations carried out in 90s showed, that only a 77% of persons identified itself with its nationality. It is marking that, around in the number of different features to choose the fact of being Polish didn’t seem essential as far as for the fourth part examined. Poles more identified themselves with the region or the own sex. Chosen guilds being characteristic of Poles were in the majority negative. Most often examined talked about themselves, that are lazy, uneconomical, undisciplined, intolerant and alcoholics. Positive features are a hospitality, a patriotism, a courage and a friendliness.

Poles about themselves in European examinations

Contemporary views of Poles on oneself changed a little bit for last 20 years. Today the image of the society in our own eyes is far more positive. Features which we are assigning to ourselves showed examinations carried out amongst chosen European nations. Results from them, that:

  • Poles highly value their national cooking.
  • Poles are in the majority (61%) convinced that exceptionally they are tolerating alcohol.
  • Scarcely the 35% of Poles thinks that our nation is slothful and grumpy.
  • In the matter of the external appearance Poles are judging themselves to eight points in 10-point scale.
  • Our countrymen consider themselves rather as crummy drivers.
  • In the popular view we are also a family nation, trusting members of a family.
  • We are also sincere, practical, perceptive and active.
  • From negative features we don’t consider ourselves as community workers or globalists.
  • Poles are also in their opinion not very resolute, undecided, immodest.

Poland sociological survey.

Next examinations carried out amongst Polish respondents by one of known concerns shows, that:

  • Poles are a nation of alcoholics.
  • Our nation it’s: unfriendly, thieves, and louts people.
  • From the other side we are diligent and we are able to achieve our goal.
  • A person which doesn’t know words of the Polish Anthem isn’t a real Pole and he isn’t using Polish.
  • We are proud of our origin but we aren’t good at own history.
  • We respect the tradition and we are brave.
  • We are still complaining, we are envious, pessimistic, intolerant and with hang-ups.
  • In the considerable fraction we are racists, with particularly a negative attitude to Arabs and Romanians.
  • The half of Poles has the negative attitude to immigrants and is marked by a homophobia.
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