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Poles are drinking more and more beer and it would seem that the economic situation should to give impetus to the production especially that all we live already in united Europe and we are exporting quite a lot abroad. Unfortunately, reading opinions of gourmets actually its difficult to find kinds which would resemble the real, hop, thick beer which should come into existence as a result of the solid production. Concentrates and enhancers is abiding today everywhere, starting from the production of curd cheeses, through powdered jelly and cakes, and liquors. Reaching for the juice box we are finding 15 different elements in it besides very essence of fruits.

Chocolate beer

Not-Polish beers

In Poland we already have a lot kinds of beer and it is already puzzling, how from one kind of hop and water could have been to brew beer of so many kinds. In fact what we regard as our Polish, a long time ago stopped being our native production. The most famous breweries producing known throughout the country kinds are a property of foreign concerns today. Group Zywiec, producing such beers as Zywiec, Tatra, Warka, Specjal, Brackie and Krolewskie, was taken over by Dutchmen, the Brewing Company, the Castellan Brewery Sierpc, the Boatswain Brewery Szczecin, the Brewery Okocim they are also acting under the aegis of the foreign capital and these are after all such kinds, like Tyskie, Debowe Mocne, Lech, Zubr, Wojak,  Okocim, Harnas, Kasztelan, the Bosman, Piast, this takeover brought to the production and the sale a lot good, since both marketing, as well as promotional events are improving all type popularity and still are increasing the sale. However where to search for the beer typically native?

Beer politics

Saying about Polish beer is now only a grim joke because the scale of the invasion in this business is one of bigger in the entire economy -  it is hard to find the different sector, where almost 90% of the market would be controlled be only three foreign concerns: the Heineken, SABMiller, Carlsberg. The production additionally because of the industrial amount constantly is being lowered, and beers are losing the strength thanks to that. A special way of carrying an advertising campaigns is a next minus, which is promoting a few regional kinds, still repeating advertisements, hanging up huge billboards, organizing small beer gardens with characteristic umbrellas, thanks to what names, so as Zywiec, Tyskie or Lech, they are engraving in their memory and the man impulsively is reaching to this beers in the shop thinking that they are best. An example also can be flinging spectators with insults of the advertisement of the Zubr or Tatra or Harnas which appear almost every day. Small breweries or don’t have chances and they are being closed, or cutting costs towards competitors in the issue qualities are descending.

Polish beer from Ciechanow

Beer in Polish

However there are still a few breweries, in which amber drink is coming into existence with the class. It is possible to rank for instance delicious beers among them from Ambera, Grudziadz, Czarnkow or Ciechanow. Small breweries sense niches consumer on the market and are trying to create different kinds. Bright full entire Poland is flowing, but apple, honey or Dark Porter be missing and to it Polish small brewing companies are just building. For gourmets which value pleasure on the tongue and they aren’t drinking for the per cent and the noise in the head it is real feast of the connoisseur. Brewery Jablonowo are proposals of brown and taste beers. Brewery Ciechanow honey beer “Farskie”, porter and the not-pasteurized beer, brewery Krajan from Trzeciewnica near Nakla above Notec River is a specialist in the dark “Ireland Strong” and porter. The brewery in the Zdunska Wola recently started the production porter and bock beerl, and on special a not-filtered beer bottled from the Jar deserves the attention on Jurza. Breweries are putting also to traditional methods of boiling, without improvements and modern technological lines. They are tempting with the traditional taste willing similarly, as the country freshly baked bread and the home-made sausage.

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