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Poles are well-known In Europe as the nation of drunks, but the ability of drinking alcoholic beverages in truth isn’t our strong point. In majority of countries of the continent the person who is lurching in the street is being associated exactly with our nation. This doesn’t pride to us, although it is the stereotype, and the culture of drinking a little bit is changing and countrymen more and more often choose vintage alcohol rather than drinking beer in the street, in addiction beer with high per cent of alcohol. This negative national characteristic lets us however shine in civilized Europe thanks to the Polish excellent quality vodka.

First place in the ranking of worldwide sales in 2011 year

Polish alcohols in world rankings

In the world of the trade, and specially alcoholic, a special International Wine and Spririt Research ranking is functioning, determined as IWSR, and our national production belongs to the leading edge. Criteria of the ranking are very rigorous.  And there are usually over 20 positions of products that granted criteria. Only 100 of them were in the last quotations and among them polish vodka. It means that in the period of one year were sold as far as million of boxes of the product, 40% of which were sold abroad. Apart from that for five consecutive years the sale of the product were growing about 5% annually. It is gigantic amount, according to the market competition; such an interest in our alcohol abroad can make us pleased.

Wyborowa vodka

Wyborowa vodka

Beginnings of production

Alcohol has been produced in our country already since the 15th century, came to our country from western neighbours which than distilled the spirit made of grains. Than name “okowita” was functioned, from the Latin expression a “water of the life”, because drinking alcohol caused that the man had became more energetic and fill of the verve. The development of the export and the production to the mass scale develop in Poland at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Today 40-percentage solution of water and the spirit is most often drunk.


Apart from the traditional product exist also many taste various modifications and products outstandingly for gourmets. The most well-known pure vodkas are sharing on ordinary, select and luxury, and the difference consists in the amount of rectifications a spirit which is subjected. Apart from pure vodkas also flavoured vodkas are produced, with the addition of oils, of herbs, the sugar or plant and fruit ski lifts. Known flavoured vodkas are for example: a rowberry vodka, rum, arrack, kirsz and less Polish kinds: as tequila, gin, whisky and mescal.

The production of vodka in Poland is from the fifteenth century

Worldwide awards

In spite of the infamy of our nation and bad associations which are accompanying Poles abroad the quality of our vodka is enrapturing experts. Apart from the recalled already IWSR ranking in the world a few other prestigious “alcoholic” events are held, on which Polish vodka is getting the highest places and gold medals. An international competition of the Monde Selection quality, taking place in Brussels is of special importance. On this competition one of our vodka were getting gold medals in three consecutively years and was also honoured with gold for the immutable quality. On World Spirit Competition had taking place in San Francisco, only in 2006 Polish products got two gold medals, three silvers and one bronze medal. Similar successes we have on Superior Taste Award in Brussels, where as many as 5 Polish vodka got 80% of voices and another one 70%.

Polish vodka is appreciated around the world


Alcohols produced in our country for ages had good marks. The problem is that the Polish spirit monopoly is facing considerable reducing incomes on account of the unfolding smuggling. The possibility of the purchase of the spirit for pennies abroad for ages is well-known and many of  “tourists” eagerly is using it. Another threat can be switching Poles to lighter alcohol, such as beer and more and more often appreciated wine. From fall saves us only an excellent quality.

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