The biggest companies in Poland

To make a fortune in Poland nowadays is possible. In conditions of the new economy joint-stock companies employing thousands of people are coming into existence which annual profits exceeded billions of zlotys.

Great Four.

An energy is ruling the economy what emphatically is providing about making conditional on it all sectors. Fuels, gas, electric energy, it leading and most income businesses in our country. The economic situation caused that for us a Great Energy Three come into existence for which recently monopolists are still clubbing together: PKN Orlen SA, the Polish Oil Mining and the Gas industry SA, Polska Grupa Energetyczna SA. “Energy” the group is supplementing one another giant, being active in a commercial business. It is Jeronimo Martins Distribution SA. All four companies constituting the domestic lead are registering annual profits of the amount exceeding 20 billion dollars. What’s interesting, even though Orlen is outdistancing all remaining companies, registered the bigger net profit are: KGHM, PGE and the PGNiG.

PKN Orlen SA - the biggest companie in Poland

PKN Orlen SA.

Orlen is known and recognizable in Poland not only through advertisements but every looking to a petrol station driver is dealing with this company. Oil Concern Orlen of Poland joint-stock company came into existence as a result of integrating two Polish enterprises: Petrochemistry of Plock and CPN. Ultimately the company is dealing with processing petroleum and distribution of fuels and different produced products. In fact this fuel giant is consisting of not only refineries in Plock, Jedlicz, Trzebina, one on Lithuania and three in the Czech Republic, but has also an entire network of subjugated companies, dealing with the production of plastics, whirling machines, transport and the freight forwarding and even medical services and with the bookkeeping. The processing capacity of the company it’s 31.7 millions of tone of oil annually. Annual income – over 63 billions of zlotys. Orlen as the only Polish company was shortlisted of the largest world enterprises.


The Polish Oil Mining and the Gas industry SA is leading the field on the market in the natural gas in Poland and constitute property of the capital group about the same name. The group controls the whole of action from seeking deposits by the output, storing of gas fuels, for the turnover and distribution. It is company with tradition, came into existence in the 19th, and under the present name has been acting since 1982. Since 23 September 2005 PGNiG has been existing on the Warsaw stock exchange. The company has a dozen so units in such countries, as Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, and Denmark. An employment is about 33 thousands of workers. The PGNiG annual income amounts is over 21 milliards of zlotys, what the clear profit constitutes 3.360 milliards.

Polish power industry


Polish Group Energy is one of the largest producers and suppliers of the electric energy in Poland and one of the largest companies of this business in Centre and Eastern Europe. For her activity includes areas: of the Polite power industry, Renewable Energetic, the nuclear power industry, Distribution, retail sales and the Wholesale Turnover. At present the company provides to about 5 million recipients with the energy, he is employing over 46 thousands of workers and has 12.2 GW of installed manufacturing powers. In 2010 produced 52.7 TWh of the energy what is the 40% of the domestic demand constitutes. Annual profits of the company exceed 20 milliards of zlotys, in it a clear profit is a 3 627 milliards of zlotys.

Jeronimo Martins Distribution SA.

Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja SA is an owner of the best known in Poland shops Biedronka. The company has them throughout the country 1800, and to it 9 very well organised distribution centres. In Poland has been acting since 1995, is cooperating with over 500 suppliers from entire Poland, is employing about 35 thousands of workers. Company comes from the Portuguese Jeronimo Martins Group. Annual profits of the owner of shops it’s about 20 milliards of zlotys.

Jeronimo Martins Distribution SA.


A list of Polish giants isn’t limited to a Great Four. Next companies on the list are also generating huge annual profits, however they aren’t in the pool of billionaires. Fifth on the special list is a Lotos Group SA – the known distributor and the producer of fuels, closer for us thanks to engine oils, with the annual profit 19.9 milliards of zlotys. Metro Group is taking the next place, the owner of such brands as Real, Media Markt, Saturn, Macro Cash & Carry with around 17 milliards of the profit. Next are Fiat Auto Poland SA, KGHM-Polska Miedz SA, Telecommunications company of Poland SA and the next energy tycoon – Tauron Polish Energy SA. All these companies are bringing 15-116 milliards zlotys in a profit annually.

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