The most well-known Internet services in Poland

The Internet is in Poland more and more universal. Even dwellers of little, distant from the centre of the country villages already have Internet and the newest technologies of the transfer of HSPA+ data and LTE are creating such possibilities for the mobile Internet that it is possible to use it in every circumstances.

17 million Poles a month using the Internet

Poles in the web

Poles are using the Internet ad nauseam. In one month 17 millions of our countrymen are visiting websites. Thousands of them are creating their own information sides, blogs, Internet shops, guides and a lot of different forms letting them coexist in the web. To our country also most popular world services, association already today 3 millions of users in many countries. Poles waited the Polish Facebook version, Nasza-Klasa or Farmerama which became most popular page in the last year. Outside these clones of great Internet undertakings we have also quite a lot of own service centres. What the most are interested Poles in the Internet? Entertainment, messages, rumours about celebrities, sport, the learning or realizing own interests?

Most popular in Poland

From results examinations carried out in the country, with most popular in August was Facebook. In this one month joined as many as 700 thousands new users to it. Services of the Google group are enjoying the huge popularity which in one month visiting 17 millions of Poles. On a second place is Onet, with the number of 13 million persons. Youtube, Facebook, Nasz-Klasa and the Wirtualna Polska are filling next positions, all of them exceeding 12 million using. A little bit farther an Allegro and Polish news bulletins are placed, so, as or Nasza-Klasa recently was a leading social portal in Poland, and today Facebook almost caught up it. Also such services were in the first twenty, like the O2 Group, the Group Wikipedia, and from Polish the Polskapresse Group and the Murator Group.

Services of the Google group are enjoying the huge popularity

Conclusions and assessments

In August of 2010 Europeans in the age above 15 carried 41 milliards out of searching for the operation in the Internet what on average is giving 116 of searching to one user. But on our continent Poland is absolute leading the field with result 157 in searching to the user overtaking Great Britain (144 of searching) and Finland (141). This data is a result of the ranking of the American comScore company which specializes in monitoring networks. Such results are not the end yet. The company established, that in the first twenty most popular Polish service centres are situated in Poland what is a completely untypical situation. Decided majority of Polish websites in the ranking of 20 leading websites, is confirming the being brought up in Poland “technological talents and the innovation of this market”.

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