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Who from us didn’t hear about Aristotelis Sockratis Onasis? This living legend became renowned in history in the category of the richest people of world. The Greek shipowner and the entrepreneur who built his wealth from the nothing initiated the race of fortunes to the top one spot in world.

Jan Kulczyk

World’s power

How quickly it is possible nowadays to make a fortune perhaps to provide the example of the richest man in world who acquired fortune worth 74 milliards of American dollars on the telecommunications. World of phones actually exists for several dozen years and Carlos of Hel managed to use the one businesses and the world economic situation in order to reach the summit. The second on the list of wealthiest is unforgettable Bill Gates who made a fortune on the Microsoft. In our Polish world not yet so long ago getting the fortune was simply impossible. Today when the world economy stood up before us with hole we have our own billionaires, whose far admittedly to the top one spots, but to our reality are economic giants. Biggest one’s are ruling finances, media, energetics and the building production above all but large pharmaceutical companies aren’t also among them missing.

Zygmunt Solorz-Zak

Polish fortunes were built in different businesses, starting from the brewing and the motorization, through the building, the pharmaceutical industry and media. List of the greatest fortunes above 1 billion of zlotys are 15 positions:

  1. Jan Kulczyk – 7,4mld wealth of zlotys. A brewing but especially shares are his domain in three known brands of the beer, in Tyskie and Lech. He is investing also in the automotive business and into the infrastructure. In plans he has creating the Polish energy network.
  2. Zygmunt Solorz-Zak – 7,2mld wealth of zlotys. Above all were the owner of the digital lorry of the Polsat and Elektrim but cannon also in different businesses, investing in Polkomtel, of which the takeover is its purpose to the nearest future or a sports club Silesia Wrocław.
  3. Leszek Czarnecki – 5,9mld wealth of zlotys. He works mainly on the market of funds, as the owner of integrated companies on Nobel and Getin Bank. He is investing also in fixed properties. Recently he bought GE and Allianz out.
  4. Michal Solowow – 5,5mld wealth of zlotys. Main investment is a company producing rubbers and synthos materials as well as the Investment Echo, Barlinek and Cersanit – companies from the housing business.
  5. Jerzy Starak and Anna Wozniak-Starak – 2,95mld wealth of zlotys. Po0lfarma owners which eliminated Ryszard Karuzy’z Bioton from the market.
  6. Roman Karkosik – 2,7mld wealth of zlotys. He is adding the output of components to his chemical and metallurgical business for the automotive industry.
  7. Tadeusz Chmiel – 1,65mld wealth of zlotys. Owner of the furniture company Black Red White.
  8. Jaroslaw Pawluk – 1,6mld wealth of zlotys. He owns shares in the special company in the rail transport, he is trading in turbines.
  9. Dariusz Milek – 1,55mld wealth of zlotys. The author, the director and the chief shareholder of the NG2 company, offering the footwear in CCC living rooms, Boti shops and Quazi boutiques.
  10. Józef Wojciechowski – 1,4mld wealth of zlotys. J.W. Construction Holding author, the biggest Polish developer.
  11. Bogusław Cupial – 1,3mld wealth of zlotys. Cables and fibre-optic cables.
  12. Tomasz Domogala – 1,2mld wealth of zlotys. Capital Famur group.
  13. Ryszard Krauze – 1,1mld wealth of zlotys. Investments in the pharmaceutical industry. Owner of Bioton.
  14. Wejchertowie – 1,1mld wealth of zlotys. Media, including the TVN.
  15. Heronim Ruta – 1,0mld wealth of zlotys. Connected with the Polsat.

    Jan Czarnecki

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