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Torun – is a town in a Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, known since the middle ages. Has numerous and rich monuments, which has 800-year testimony of history. Often referred to Krakow of North or Small Krakow, as it also is listed on the World Heritage list of UNESCO. In the middle ages Hanseatic town, with extensive European contacts. The city of Copernicus and gingerbreads. Torun extends along two rivers: the Vistula, and the Drwecy. Right-bank part of Torun belongs to Pomeranian and the left-bank part to Kuyavian.  Today is an important Centre of economic, scientific and cultural. Situated in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian town of Torun is characterized in the European area in wealth of scientific, cultural and economic development.  Occurring in the territory of the town building are very old, for this reason that Torun belongs to one of the oldest cities in Poland.  Old town’s group, which gained a reputation in many plebiscites, specially approaches attention of many people. In 1997 was added to the World Heritage of UNESCO. You must add, that serves as the representative of the national competition in Europe, because in Torun is the seat of the League of Polish Cities of UNESCO.

Torun - castle


Torun has about 800 years of history, but the settlement on these areas dates back since 90 centuries before Christ. Location in the river area was in his favour where the transport and the hunting could conveniently develop. Through the city constructed was also the amber trade route what additionally supported the development of the trade. A Sorbian settlement has a beginning in 1100 BC. Still had been extended created the classical Slav wooden castle till the IX century. Torun owes its appropriate being to Teutonic Knights which in the XIII century created the fortification there for the defence crossing on the Vistula River. In this period the city was also accepted to Hanza what influenced its more further development. Here were concluded the first Torun’s  peace after the war with Teutonic Knights and here had place unti-Teutonic Knights uprising which was the beginning of thirty-hundred years war, after which the city entered the Polish state and received the privileged position. In the XVII century it was one of the wealthiest cities in the country. Than a period of the regression came. Swedes, Napoleon, partition of Poland, the I and II World War – influenced on destroying and worsening the position of city. However, after the war revival came, mainly scientific and cultural of Torun.


Nicolaus Copernicus

Under the architectural account Torun is a pearl of Poland and the most interesting and most valuable Old Town in Torun was regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of Poland. Amongst monuments it is worthwhile say about the old town hall – one of the most wonderful building of this type in Europe, built in the XVI century, at the bottom a draper’s hall were commercial rooms, the upper stories performed the place of the city hall. Another interesting monument is a Artus’ larry – fine and large, much standing out from different tenements, unfortunately not available to touring inside. Remaining monuments of the city of Torun are numerous tenements and bourgeois palaces, walls, towers, Saint George’s manor house, numerous churches – St George’s Church, St Lawrence’s Church, St Cross’ Church, St Nicholas Church etc., chemists, arsenals, Collegiums Maius UMK, banks, Economics,  Generalowka, Grzybek, different patrician tenements, the Pauline Bridge, the Jesuit magistrates’ court, Raclawice Barracks, the main post office, courts, schools, Horzycy’s Theatre, a Learned Society in Torun, the coach house, the ancient evangelical annexed territory of St The Holy Trinity, the Tube De. The Torun’s  marketplace and the Old Town Hall in the National Geographic opinion poll were chosen as the third most beautiful place in the world.

Planetarium and Orbitarium in Torun

Green, views, and active leisure

Torun is a city characterized by large amounts of green. Peculiarly characteristic for the city are streets planted with trees. There are also many parks here and squares. Extremely interesting and known are green belts, stretched around old town. Through the entire city in the westward direction a green lane compound of the Valley of Dreams, ZOO and the Park on Bydgoszcz City outskirts, are stretched. In the north part of Torun Brabarka is stretching out – forest complex with numerous kinds protected. Another green objects of the city are: the Market Clump, Bielany, Bielawy, Piwnicki’s Forest and the Park of the Millennium.  It is possible to look at Torun from beauty spots.  Hall tower, a Cathedral Tower and Pressure’s Tower are best places to show city from above. Is is possible to look at the Vistula river panorama from the Market Clump. For tourists liking to be in motion Torun offers voyages by ship on the Vistula, and ride in the vintage MZK tram. For touring the Old Town they are also available melex and richshaws. In surroundings it is possible also to ride horseback.

The symbols of Torun

Torun is a city of gingerbreads and Copernicus. Gingerbreads are well-known in entire world and are the specific symbol of the city, particularly figurative, which shows historical figures, carriages, horses and different symbols of former years. Gingerbreads waited  theirs own Museum of the Gingerbread and the Gingerbread small town.  Every year a Holiday of the Gingerbread is here, during which it is not only possible to watch and to taste products but also personally to thresh the grain, to do the flour and learn to knead the gingerbread cake during special workshops. Copernicus is making his presence felt at local colleges, of which there is 15 in the city, in this Copernicus’ University. Apart from that in the city an astronomical observatory and a Planetarium are functioning where it is possible to watch interesting shows.

Torun gingerbread


Tourist rankings concerning most often visited cities of Poland are putting Torun on the very high position. Elementary base in those opinion polls are recognizability and associating cities with well-known figures or historical events. Getting this argument for the Torun plane we will learn that admiration of tourist it owes for long history, the strategic location, kept monuments, but first of all for expressive figures which influenced for the coming into existence of the contemporary image of the city. For the most important identifications of Torun belongs: Nicholas Copernicus, The Torun’s  gothic style, the panorama on the Vistula river of Torun, Torun’s gingerbreads, Copernicus’ University, the Torun rafter, the Torun angel, and recalling Teutonic Knights as founders of the city. Every of exchanged places or images very much grew on the memory of tourists visiting the city. For worth seeing buildings on this area also belong the Artus’ manor house which is standing out from numerous tenements on the Old Town hall with its richness.

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